REESSI employs a strong combination of full- time and part-time personnel in multiple states using an advanced and cost-effective cyberoffice structure with a corporate center. More than 75% of the staff is graduate level professionals with significant experience in public health, health education and behavioral health, policy assessment, and risk reduction education. The key leadership team benefits from the advice and council of a corporate Research Enhancement Panel (REP) made up of scholars and practitioners with backgrounds and expertise in public health, mental health, positive youth development, family and community risk reduction interventions, research methods, and cross-media educational and learning strategies. Additionally, REESSI engages individuals from a pool of consultants with expertise in the follow areas: Program Evaluation; Survey Design and Survey Research Methods; Biostatistics and Data Analysis; Community Health Assessment; Technical Writing Graphic Design and Animation; and Video/CD/DVD Production Web-Based Learning Tools. The REESSI core personnel consist of 13 professionals including  study managers, research associates and research assistants (four with Doctorate degrees and five with Masters degrees) and a collection of 10 expert consultants with Doctorate degrees. 


REESSI operates in a fully automated microcomputer-based environment that features Apple computers and Mac OS X operating systems. All of REESSI’s personnel are computer literate and have hands-on experience in word processing, database management, spreadsheet, communications, graphics, statistical analysis and/or accounting software applications. REESSI’s telecommunications capability permits direct access to an unlimited number of electronic bulletin boards, archival databases, and search engines. The REESSI office (1500 square feet in a low-rise building) is located within 1.5 hours of Richmond, VA and 2.5 hours of Washington DC. in Burgess, Virginia near the Chesapeake Bay. The office includes a state-of-the art conference room with videoconferencing and LCD projector and a central logistics center. Burgess is a certified HUBZone. Through professional affiliations and well-established contacts, the REESSI team has over 50 community and faith-based organization access points in more than 19 communities in the U.S.

Our mission is to investigate, design, build, evaluate and diffuse pragmatic digital learning and communication solutions that lead to cumulative and sustained health in under-resourced populations.